Quick product operation guide

Telescopic rod

  • How to retract: when the rod is completely closed, hold the pull rod handle, press the handle button once, and pull the rod upward, and the rod can be completely opened; When the rod is completely pulled out, hold the handle, press the handle button once and push the rod downward, and the rod can be completely closed.
  • How to adjust the height: after the rod is completely pulled out, hold the rod handle, press the button on the ack of the handle once, and retract the pull rod downward, corresponding to three different gears on the pull rod o adjust the height.

Password lock

  • How to switch: the initial password is 00, turn the gear until 00 is displayed on the password lock; Press and old the password lock button by hand and push it downward to open the lock.
  • How to adjust the password: press and hold the password lock button by hand, push it down, and press and hold the utton in this position along the arrow direction; meanwhile, rotate the number to the required number combination for example: 01); Release the button to complete the password reset.

Magnetic buckle

  • How to open it: Pull out the leather belt, and then pull it out from the metal fastener base.
  • Manual Manual
  • How to close it: magnetically attach the belt metal buckle to the metal fastener base and fasten it.

Leather cover

  • How to achieve a single fold:
  • ① Front cover: Open the leather cover, and put the back of the metal buckle of the belt on the place where the agnetic attraction mark is hot-pressed on the handle of the rod, so as to realize the single folding of the front over.


    ② Back cover: Open the leather cover, bend the leather cover, and place the raised hook of the back cover on the concave fastener of this leather cover.

  • How to achieve a double fold: Such as schematic operation, both ways can be double folded.
  • Manual

Interior of two separated compartments

  • Y-shaped elastic strap : pass the metal buckle through the leather hole to form a Y-shape to prevent the internal clothes from shifting.
  • Mini elastic strap: Align the Velcro section with the Velcro section at the top of the laptop bag to secure the bag.
  • Laptop bag:
  • ① Two large compartments: for the laptop, tablet or documents.

    ② Flat pouch: for small objects.

    ③ Pen pouch: for pens.

Luggage Tag

Open the transparent side (the top is magnetically mounted), extract the paper, inscribe your name and contact details, and then put the paper in.

Open the convex side (the top is magnetically mounted) to place your AirTag.

To hang it on the handle, thread the leather strap through the carrying handle and pass the tag through the hole in the strap.

The « Find My » App on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch can easily locate luggage tags.

Non-applicability and restrictions

Not suitable for baggage check-in.

This product should not be used above 65 ° C or below -20 ° C.

It is not advisable to lay the front, rear, left and right sides of the suitcase flat on rough surfaces such as concrete floor.

It is not advisable to lift the suitcase with the handle of telescopic rod. If you need to lift the suitcase, be sure to use the carry handle at the top.

Do not load your weight on the telescopic rod, there is a risk of falling.

The wheels should not be used in stairs and places with steps to prevent the suitcase from being damaged or the user from falling; Please use the carry handle of the suitcase.

Do not use it as a pedal or chair.

Not for children under 3.

The suitcase is made as a suitcase for travel. Please do not use it as a walking stick.

Because the suitcase has a leather cover, it should not be exposed to rain.


  • Transportation and storage
  • Prevent exposure, rain and snow.

    Avoid ultraviolet rays.

    Keep it ventilated and dry, damp-proof and avoid a high temperature environment.

    Stay away from chemicals and liquids.

    Avoid poking and scratching with sharp objects.

    When using the handle after long-term storage, please confirm whether the handle has load problems in advance before using it.

  • Safety notice
  • On the slope, the suitcase may move suddenly, so keep your hands on the suitcase.

    Don't touch the wheels immediately after the suitcase is continuously pulled. There is a risk of burns caused by friction when the wheels are walking.

    When opening and closing the leather cover, be careful not to pinch your fingers and your belongings.

    If it is placed at a high place such as a shelf, it is necessary to pay full attention to the placement method because of the danger of falling. A sudden drop of the suitcase may cause personal injury.

    If you take the escalator, plsease keep your hand on the handle in case the suitcase falls. A sudden drop of the suitcase may cause personal injury. At the same time, please hold the escalator handrail and be careful not to fall.

    When the center of gravity of the suitcase is high, it is very easy to dump. To lower the center of gravity, please put the overweight luggage at the bottom.

    Pay attention to shaking the telescopic rod left and right while pressing it down, which may cause the brake to fall off and cause the telescopi rod to fall.

    When pulling the suitcase, please pay full attention to the surrounding environment to prevent falling or accidents.

Application notice

When the axle of the wheel is attached with dust or wrapped with thread, it will be the cause of the wheel failure. Please pay attention.

The degree of wear and tear of wheels is different due to the different use times and road conditions. In addition, due to the material, long-term degradation is inevitable.

Please understand that the strength and durability of the suitcase are affected by the number of times and years of use, and are also determined by the handling and transportation conditions such as the impact on use.

Please note that the suitcase may be damaged when it is affected by strong acid, salt and high humidity.

The suitcase is impact-resistant, but excessive impact and load may cause deformation or damage.

The surface of a high-gloss carbon fiber suitcase will be scratched during use, which is inevitable due to the characteristics of raw materials. Please understand.

Notice when loading luggage

Please don't put cash or valuables in the suitcase. Leather buckles and locks are devices to prevent accidental opening of suitcases, not to prevent theft.

When storing fragile goods in the suitcase, please pay attention to the possibility of breakage and leakage of contents (on the plane, the glass container may be broken or the bottle cap may fall off due to the changes in air pressure).

Maintenance Instructions

In order to keep the products you purchase in good condition for many years to come, we suggest that users follow the following these instructions:

  • Magnesium alloy frame
  • Be careful to avoid scratching with abrasive materials.

    Use a soft cloth dipped in clean water or a non-abrasive sponge to remove dust or dirt from the magnesium alloy frame.

    Use simple alcohols such as isopropyl alcohol (common cleaning wipes contain this ingredient, which can clean luggage safely) to remove stubborn stains or sticky residues on the magnesium alloy frame.

  • Carbon fiber Suitcase shell
  • Be careful to avoid scratching and incomplete elastic collision with abrasive materials, so as to avoid large depressions or scratches.

    Remove dust or dirt from the shell with a soft cloth dipped in clean water or a non-abrasive sponge.

  • Leather part
  • Never wash, dry clean, iron, bleach or tumble dry.

    Avoid prolonged contact with materials that may dye pigments on leather. Some materials may leave permanent marks on leather, such as ink, lipstick or perfume.

    If the leather becomes dirty or has stains on its surface, please wipe it with a soft light-colored cloth or wash it with water and detergent. Occasionally, it is also a good idea to treat leather with general neutral color maintenance products.

    The specific operation method is as follows:

    ① With a clean towel or cotton ball, dip in cleaning agent, no cleaning agent can also be replaced with water; Then directly wipe the surface of PU leather. If it is dirty, you can focus on wiping it.

    ② Spray some wax on the towel to maintain the sofa, evenly wipe it on the PU leather, and pay attention to dry it in a ventilated place. This can not only decontaminate, but also keep the leather as soft as new and shiny.

    Never scrub with gasoline. Because PU leather itself is made of organic chemicals, contact with some organic solvents will also destroy its molecular structure, resulting in deformation and damage. Gasoline also belongs to these organic solvents.

    Keep away from humid environment and avoid direct exposure to heat source and sunlight, otherwise the leather may fade.

    Inside the suitcase

    ① Wipe with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. It is best not to use any cleaning agent to wipe the metal parts inside and outside the box, and dry the metal parts with a dry rag after cleaning to prevent damage to the outer coating or oxidation rust.

    ② The interior part can be disassembled for local manual cleaning. Do not wash it by machine.

    Others: Check the roller, handle, pull rod and lock at the bottom of the box, and remove the jammed sundries and dust. If any damaged parts are found, Beaglland shall promptly provide customer service, and Beaglland will provide corresponding maintenance and replacement services. Never try to repair them yourself.

Using the following items will damage your suitcase: detergent, abrasive cloth or sponge, window cleaner, vinegar-containing cleaner and disinfectant, solvent, diluent and corrosive alcohol, petroleum distillate or nail polish remover. Please take care of your suitcase.

Restrictions on the luggage brought into the aircraft.

Airlines have different regulations on "the size of the suitcase brought into the plane".Please consult the airlines used for details.