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An 18” customizable carrying-on suitcase crafted from Automotive-Grade technology

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Automotive-Grade Process

Using automotive-level engineering processes and our patented utility technology, we made a breakthrough in the luggage industry, where integrated assembly production is the only method to produce luggage.

FitzRoy X1

FitzRoy X1 carbon fiber luggage comes in a first-of-its-kind modular design.

External Structure

Made of magnesium alloys using semi-solid forming process. Magnesium alloys are lightweight and exhibit good corrosion resistance.


Grey fabrics and soft felt cover the interior. Linings can be removed for cleaning purposes. And embedded Non-Newtonian fluid (P4U) eases shock impacts to protect the items inside the luggage.

Laptop Folio

A removable folio lets you take your laptop or tablet out for a quick, mess-free security check.

Carbon Fiber Shells

Made from light and durable carbon fiber which is resistant to corrosion, high temperature, and scratches.

Leather Cover

Premium leather with a matte finish has built-in bamboo slips to keep the cover in shape and make it steadily fall upon the luggage when flitting over.

Trolley Handle

The airplane throttle-like handle is comfortable to hold and effortless to control. Thousands of tensile and fatigue tests ensure the smoothness and flexibility of the rod.


80mm-diameter silicone wheels with internal bearings guarantee smooth and mute rolling on various floors.

Easy To Use

The luggage has enough capacity for 1-2 day trips, with two separate compartments for personal effects and work items, helping you keep your belongings organized along the journey. Additionally, the removable laptop folio ensures a fast security check.

Live the Sophisticated Life

FitzRoy X1
FitzRoy X1
FitzRoy X1
FitzRoy X1

Sustainable & Eco-friendly

Easy Repair and Recycling

The modular luggage allows you to replace or repair the damaged parts with provided tools instead of throwing the luggage away. So you can maintain your luggage at a minimum cost and help reduce waste to protect the environment. Also, we will recycle damaged shells from our customers and reuse those fibers to produce luggage or other products.

Recycled Composites from Expliseat

Expliseat is the manufacturer of the lightest aircraft seat in the world, the TiSeat, which is flying with 15+ airlines worldwide. Beaglland recycled carbon fibers from aircraft seat offcuts from Expliseat and used molecular recycling technology to make rCFRP or natural fibers for our luggage production to minimize our carbon footprint. Beaglland will continue to work with Expliseat on manufacturing the upcoming Beaglland luggage.

FitzRoy X1

Highly Customizable

Free Engraving

Have your luggage engraved with your initials, name or custom text (within 30 characters).

FitzRoy X1

Pick Your Favorite Color

Choose the color of the side frame, leather cover, and shells to show your unique style.


Leather Cover


FitzRoy X1

Select Frame

FitzRoy X1Sliver Grey

Sliver Grey

FitzRoy X1Light Gold

Light Gold

Select Leather Cover

FitzRoy X1Black


FitzRoy X1White


FitzRoy X1Light Gold

Light Gold

Select Shell

FitzRoy X1Black Plain

Black Plain

FitzRoy X1Black and White Grain Flow

Black and White Grain Flow

FitzRoy X13K Black Twill

3K Black Twill

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Retro Aesthetics with Modern Style

With a look similar to the classic briefcase but in a silver gray magnesium alloy structure and bright carbon fiber shells, the luggage is classic with a timeless minimalist style and modern with a futuristic vibe.

FitzRoy X1

The Revolutionary Trolley
Luggage By Beaglland

FitzRoy X1

The German Design Award is the international premium prize that honors innovative, groundbreaking products and projects in the German and international design landscape.

FitzRoy X1

For 25 years, the JEC Composites Innovation Awards have celebrated cutting-edge composites innovation and fruitful collaborations between actors of the composites industry.

FitzRoy X1

The A’ Design Award is the highest prize awarded in the design industry that acknowledges the best designs that meet professional and industrial requirements.

The Story of Beaglland

In December 1831, Darwin started exploring the world aboard the HMS Beagle. His experiences and observations helped him develop the theory of evolution through natural selection. Our luggage brand is named after the ship “Beagle”, which is a tribute and encouragement. We want to encourage people to keep the courage of exploration in their lives. FitzRoy X1, the first luggage of the Beaglland line, represents our first attempt to produce luggage in the way cars are made. Through ground-breaking modular design with environmentally friendly materials and production processes, we hope to provide a simple, elegant, sustainable and fashionable way of business travel.

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FitzRoy X1


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