Beaglland Launch Event Highlights

On June 20, along the beautiful Seine in Paris, the long-awaited Beaglland launch event finally kicked off. Our team, including the founder James, introduced a new mission - explore the future of traveling storage and revealed the first luggage FitzRoy X1 at the event. Beaglland partners, media, and PITAKA fans joined to witness the debut of the future luggage. Everyone had a blast. 

Here's the recap of this grand event. 

Welcoming Guests from All over the World

The event was held on two yachts resting along the Seine to respond to the brand name “Beaglland”, which was inspired by the trip Darwin made in the 1900s. He traveled around the globe on a ship named “beagle” and visited the Galápagos Islands and many other places where he discovered many new species and was inspired. To learn more about the Beaglland story, visit here

beaglland launch event
beaglland launch event family photo

Our team landed in Paris two days ahead to decorate the area and prepare everything in need for a grand event. Flags, banners and posters printed with related info about the event can be seen nearby and inside the ship. Screens and all sorts of equipment were set up to play videos and pictures to show wishes from PITAKA customers, a glimpse of the first luggage from Beaglland, and techniques and craftsmanship of the product. 

About 100 guests attended the event that night. Our partners from Roctool and Expliseat, editors, journalists, influencers, and elites from all walks of life joined us. We also invited PITAKA fans to the event to witness the launch of the new brand affiliated to PITAKA. 

jonathan ailwood
Jonathan Ailwood explaining modular design

Our design consultant Jonathan Ailwood is a designer working for luxury brands such as Hermès, Christian Dior, and John Galliano. Having studied in Australia, and worked in the ateliers of Paris, his design approach is rich with diverse references. 

expliseat seo

Amaury Barberot (right) and James holding the agreements

Amaury Barberot, CEO of Expliseat, attended the event and signed a cooperation agreement with PITAKA & Beaglland CEO James. 

ben geskin

Ben Geskin (left) chatting with James

Ben Geskin is a tech social media influencer with 12.3K Instagram followers and 248.3K Twitter followers. He’s a tech enthusiast, content creator, and also a PITAKA fan. He’s been reviewing PITAKA products for years.

artur with charlotte

Artur Kostrzewski with our marketing manager Charlotte

Artur Kostrzewski is the CEO of a consultancy company in Poland. Artur bought the first PITAKA product, a magnetic phone case, back in 2019. He is one of our brand ambassadors for Beaglland.

Rod influencer

Rod Herzstrom holding the luggage

Rod Herzstrom (AKA Creado por Rod) is an active content creator on YouTube and TikTok with 54,000 followers and over 2 million likes. June 20 is Rod's lucky day. He won the lucky draw for a luxury tour to Shenzhen that night.   

Presenting: The Calling in Your Own Words

The launch event themed “The Calling in Your Own Words” officially began at about 7pm after all guests arrived. CEO and Founder of PITAKA and Beaglland James opened the speech by introducing a few of our guests, PITAKA history, and a new mission. Then our design consultant, product manager, and marketing director stepped on the stage to give a speech one after one. 

Here are the highlights of the event. 

1. Problems of Luggage Nowadays

james speech

Before introducing FitzRoy X1, James talked about the problems in the luggage industry today, which can be concluded in the following aspects.

First, luggage design is boring and they all look alike. It’s been a long time since we saw something new the last time. 

Second, luggage is not designed to be repaired or maintained easily. All suitcases are built in a one-piece-forming structure, making them difficult to repair. People need to pay a high fee to send the whole suitcase to the store even if only a small part is damaged. And it will be extremely awkward or challenging to do that if some components say the wheel, the handle, or the front shell, break during the trip.  

Also, the traditional manufacturing of luggage makes it hard to be recycled. 

“In fact, there has been no news in the luggage industry for a long time. It means no innovation, no revolution or evolution or even no news”, said James at the event.

2. The Solution: Modular Luggage

Then James introduced our approach to the solution, the FitzRoy X1 by Beaglland. The main reason why our luggage can solve the problems brought by traditional luggage is that it adopts a modular design. 

Why is modular design the key? Our design consultant Jonathan Ailwood explained. 

"We believe that the future of luggage must be more personalized, easier to maintain and repair, and be environmentally friendly." 

fitzroy x1 modular luggage

Modular design makes the suitcase highly customizable. Depending on people’s needs, they can choose the color or finish of various components including the handles, the frame and shells.

On the other hand, modular design makes the suitcase easy to maintain and repair. Each part can be disassembled with ease, so if a panel becomes scratched or damaged, customers simply want to refresh the look, then all they need to do is disassemble that part and replace it with a new one ordered from Beaglland. In this sense, Beaglland can collect and recycle those parts from customers, and process and reuse them to manufacture other products. 

3. FitzRoy X1 Luggage Overview

Our design manager Min introduced the FitzRoy X1 in detail from five aspects: functions, materials, sustainability, details, and reliability.

Here’s the feature overview:

- Separate compartments for personal items and work items.
- A removable folio allows you quickly take your gadgets out for a fast security check.

- The leather cover is made in a SturdyFlex™ structure to stay in shape and flipped over.

- The cover magnetically attaches to the body to close.

- The ergonomically-designed extendable handle offers great comfort and effortless control.

- Large-diameter wheels ensure smooth and silent rolling on various kinds of floors.

- Carrying handle to lift the suitcase when necessary.

- Sliver gray magnesium alloy and bright carbon fiber are mixed delicately to make the suitcase durable and stylish.

- Using recycled carbon fiber can reduce energy consumption by 83% compared to using new carbon fiber.

4. Looking for More Partners

At the end of the event, James invited the CEO of Expliseat and Roctool to the stage and signed a cooperation agreement with each partner. 

Expliseat manufactures aircraft seats that fly with many airlines around the world. Beaglland has recycled carbon fibers from Expliseat and will continue to do that in the upcoming luggage production. 

Roctool owns the most advanced heat and cool technologies for composite and plastic injection molding. We worked with them in processing our materials. 

Beaglland is looking for more partners to shape the future luggage and change the industry with us. To realize recycling, we will work with local companies. And we’re open to any recommendations.

What’s Next

The FitzRoy X1 is available for purchase now on the official website. And we’re looking for reliable distributors and companies to help promote the luggage. 

Later, we will build local after-sales maintenance centers and recycling centers based on the local market situation. 

Next year, we will launch another luggage with a bigger size and new functions. And we will invite our customers to work on designing future luggage together. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions regarding Beaglland and the suitcase or want to discuss the brand with our team, welcome to join our Facebook group or discord