Travelling Storage for Future


Beaglland defines future luggage using composite materials and innovative design, revolutionizing craftsmanship and aesthetics in the luggage industry

Beaglland Story

Beaglland is a cutting-edge travel brand focusing on new material technology. It was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2023.
Adhering to the application of new technology materials and forward-looking design, Beagllland reshapes the look and feel of contemporary luggage, and provides the best travel solution for confident, unique modern elites.

We believe that Beaglland is an extension of our spirit and attitude. Whether it's business travel or adventure, or wherever you land, you can rely on Beaglland for your ambitious journeys.

Beaglland Vision

We create sustainable products or travel solutions for today and beyond. Beaglland contributes to the industry's sustainability by applying a modular design that enables flexible maintenance and recycling.


What Makes Us Different

Beaglland series are suitable for multi-scenario use, and the high-performance modular luggage meets travel and individual needs. Beaglland challenges the traditional luggage industry with a unique design language and defines future luggage based on the following four aspects.

High Performance from High-Tech Materials

The application of high-tech materials, including lightweight yet durable carbon fiber and eco-friendly magnesium alloy, give the luggage a luxury look and modern style and ensure it lasts long.

Easy Repair and Recycling

Modular design makes the luggage easy to be repaired and recycled, so customers can keep the luggage for years and reduce waste.

High Customization

Every component is crafted using high-precision molds and assembled using electronic assembly equipment instead of manufactured traditionally, so customers can personalize their luggage as much as possible.

Using Recycled Composites

Expliseat manufactures the lightest aircraft seat in the world, the TiSeat, which is flying with 15+ airlines worldwide. PITAKA recycles carbon fibers from aircraft seat offcuts from Expliseat to minimize our carbon footprint and make our luggage more robust.

Our Team



James is a rock musician, a product designer, and an entrepreneur. He's passionate about innovation and technology. He founded PITAKA, a leading brand in material technology and innovative gadgets, about eight years ago.


Product Manager

Min studied materials engineering and trade and received her engineering degree in France.She enjoys observing people and things around her to find inspiration for product ideas. She has a unique insight into marketing and helps with the implementation of marketing strategies.

Jonathan Ailwood

Design Consultant

Jonathan is a designer with a background in international luxury brands, including Hermès, Christian Dior, and John Galliano. Having studied in Australia and worked in the ateliers of Paris, his design approach is rich with diverse references. He assisted us in designing the luggage to look like a fashion piece.

Before Becoming Beaglland

Beaglland is an affiliate brand of PITAKA, a leading brand in material technology and creative design. Over the past nine years, PITAKA has been exploring material science to apply those high-tech materials to our daily life and develop new technologies to make the materials recycled and production more eco-friendly.


PITAKA founded by James and Ashley


PITAKA aramid fiber phone case was born


Released the worlds first modular carbon fiber wallet


Developed 3D Injection Molding Labeling technology to seamlessly combine aramid fiber and TPU



Developed 3D Injection Molding Labeling technology to seamlessly combine aramid fiber and TPU


Developed Fusion Weaving technology to bring aramid fiber case style to the next level


Used OmniFlex carbon fiber from Carbitex in manufacturing our iPad bag


Recycled carbon fiber from offcuts from Expliseat

Beaglland was born